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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who stole my crystal?!

In the garden, in full view of the sitting room, grows a Rowan tree (also known as Mountain Ash) on which I like to hang crystals. It's lovely to watch the sunlight reflecting off them...... and I find them more soothing than wind chimes. :)

A couple of months ago I noticed one of the crystals was missing and guessed that it had been blown down during some stormy weather we'd been having. However on searching for the crystal, it was nowhere to be found. Every so often I'd search that particular area diligently but still couldn't find it and, eventually, I gave it up as a mystery.

Yesterday, the mystery was solved...... I think. On dismantling our rock garden, I was amazed and delighted to find the crystal along with a collection of nuts (the metal kind), screws and biscuit wrappers! No way could the crystal have rolled there because this little batch of treasure was hidden right under where the wall of rocks had been.

We have lots of field mice in our garden and my hubby told me that mice are attracted to shiny objects and it would have been they who were responsible for 'stealing' my crystal and adding it to their stash of goodies! :)

I'm aware that certain birds, such as Magpies and Jackdaws, like to collect shiny items, but I had no idea that mice did likewise. Has anyone else heard of this happening?


  1. Make sure you hide your favorite jewelry. Sounds like you have some high stylin' diva mice around! Thanks for following my blog! I am following you too, so I can tour the garden more often.

  2. Hi Cg :) Lol yes, better hide the bling!