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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is what you call a 'blank canvas'!

Here's a corner of the back garden.  With the flooding we've had, I've been turning the lawn over.  I think it will be easier to pave this bit, while the dogs are still with us, rather than struggle to restore the lawn to an acceptable condition.  It's heavy and hard work though. 

I'm trying to think of this scene a year from now! :O)

I haven't a clue what this plant/shrub/climber/triffid is.  Most of the plants round the fences have become old, tangled and overgrown - some of them have just given up and the clematis in the photo' below.

Lots of prunings to take to the council tip..... and this isn't all of it!

But at least we have some snowdrops.... in amongst the fungi.

You can see what fun I have ahead of me, in between decorating the house..... or should I say, decorating the house in between doing the garden! :D  I have to admit to having been feeling very sorry for myself, as I clean all the clods of muck off the carpets that the dogs are bringing in, despite wiping their feet - wiping 3 sets of paws at regular intervals becomes tiring after a while...... then I read an article from Pan Magazine ....... and I realised I have the 'stuff of stars' on all my carpets. :D

"A teaspoon of living soil contains a million bacteria, 20 million fungi, 1 million protozoa, and 200,000 algae - a stupendous reservoir of genetic materials that have evolved continuously since the dawn of the earth.  These micro-organisms are busily engaging in photosynthesis at the surface.  They fix nitrogen to roots.  They bury carbon that is then released back into the air through the transformation of organic matter into carbon dioxide, a process known as soil respiration. 

The soil is active.  The soil is alive.  The soil is a life related to our own life.  And our very sustenance comes from the soil.  Billions of years ago, the same carbon that is in our bodies today exploded from a supernova, became the stuff of stars and helped give rise to the planets."

(excerpt taken from Pan Magazine, Autumn 2005 - Pan Magazine is published by the World Pantheist Movement)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Save Our Forests!

 The British Government is planning on selling off our publicly-owned forests.  Since organisations such as The National Trust, etc. will not be able to compete with property developers, the forests could end up being replaced by holiday resorts, golf courses and adventure playgrounds.  It would be an environmental disaster.

I am joining forces with the many other bloggers who have already brought this to our attention.  Act now while there is still time.  Follow the link below to sign the petition to save our ancient forests.