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Monday, January 19, 2009

More Photos of Whitworth Hall, County Durham

This is part of the Woodland Glade. It's an absolute paradise for birds and other wildlife....... and pretty good for people too. :)

There's a photo of the old Water Wheel in my previous post. This is it taken from a different angle. What a gorgeous piece of Victorian machinery! There's a lovely atmosphere round about it as it's now clothed in all sorts of greenery, which makes it look even prettier.

This is the pet cemetery where household pets from the old manor were buried. It's a pleasant little corner and not at all scary like the one in Stephen King's novel!

This is the Hall itself. It's now a hotel and a popular venue for weddings. You can imagine the beautiful wedding photographs that are taken in the grounds.

Here he is, stag of the manor! Whitworth Hall keep herds of deer, some of which will feed from the hands of visitors, albeit timidly. Bags of special food can be bought for that purpose. I was lucky to be able to take this photo as the stag is very rarely seen.

These photographs were all taken last year and, as the Spring approaches, I'm so looking forward to more visits.

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