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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh no! I've just evicted a whole family!

Last June I was building a rock garden when I had a nasty accident, resulting in a crushed and broken finger..... it was horrible, there was blood and stuff hanging out my finger and..... ahem, yes well anyway, the job was abandoned and I couldn't even think about working with rocks in the garden for months. Hubby did his best to finish it for me and I was glad to let him take over the work but, I never did tell him until today, that I hadn't been entirely happy with it. (I know, I'm horrible!)

So, today the sun was shining, and I thought it was the perfect day to start dismantling the rocks, because I had plans on building it in another part of the garden. I really wish I hadn't. No, I didn't have another crush injury...... it was far worse than that! I discovered a family of frogs, all cosily huddled together where they must have been all Winter until I disturbed them. There was a great big fat one, the daddy I suppose, two medium sized ones and a very young one. I'd already torn down their shelter so much that I didn't think I could build it up safely enough for them again. What to do?! I decided to transport them to a safe part of the garden. I wasn't too happy at having to lift big daddy..... thank goodness he was sleepy with it being Winter! I put them in a cardboard box and put the box down at the bottom of the garden where there's an area we leave neglected, especially for sheltering creatures. There are lots of leaves and tree branches.....hopefully, the ideal place for a family of frogs. Opening the lid of the box, I pushed it under some branches and left them alone. I know they wont be very happy with being disturbed and I hope, by now, they will have got settled down again.

Having gardened as long as I have, I thought I was a sensible gardener but I learned today never to do major landscape jobs in the garden during the Winter in case the residents get disturbed from their hibernation. From now on I will leave well alone and jobs like this can wait till Spring.

Here's a froggy link. :)


  1. Oh ... doesn't it just hurt your heart? I'm sure they'll be just fine but ... I know exactly how you feel.

    Once, I wiped out the majority of a colony of ants that were invading my kitchen. My husband sat watching me and then said ... "with one thumb you have just changed their entire existence and created a catastrophe". It stopped me in my tracks and since then, I'm not able to kill a critter.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    Small Footprints

  2. Hi Sf. :) Well at least we learn as we go along and we can console ourselves that we care. :D

  3. sun is shinning... weather is sweet... oh how I miss the UK! only there wasn't any sun the whole month I spent there! hahaha

    Anyway, happy 2009! may it bring you sun and plants and rocks and beauty!


  4. Hello Javier. :) I had a look at your artwork.... it's vibrant and very different.

    When it rains in the U.K. it forgets to stop and usually begins round about July, spoiling everyone's Summer holidays! lol

    Happy 2009 to you also! :D