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Saturday, January 31, 2009

D'you think I'm overfeeding our birds?

Lol, no it's not a giant blue-tit, but a gift given to me by my husband and daughter a few years ago. I couldn't resist taking this photograph. :)

Well, apparently the U.K. is in for a 'big freeze' over the next few days and the way the weather has been of late, I don't think the 'weathermen' (oooooops, weatherpeople!) are telling porkies this time. It was dry and bright today so I spent a few hours in the garden, catching up on jobs that should have been done but couldn't get done because of the rain. It was great! I love it whe
n I can get outside and get on with things. I managed to get the rest of the rocks (from the wall I dismantled weeks ago) down to the bottom of the garden and I have to say, I sincerely hope that the person who invented the wheelbarrow was given a knighthood or something. I've borrowed our neighbour's and decided that a wheelbarrow is definitely a necessity!

The plants in the greenhouse were re-organised. It was supposed to make things more efficient, but there's less floorspace than ever now...... then again, I did pot up some more plants. I potted up some rhubarb and asparagus. Really they could just have been put straight into the garden, but ours are going into pots until they're big enough to withs
tand the onslaught of being trodden on by our three dogs!

The rest of the time was spent what I call pottering...... hoeing round the plants and filling up the bird feeders, etc., anything I can think of to do so I don't have to go back indoors. Alas, dusk arrived and I had no choice. I must follow up my husband's idea of getting a helmet with a lamp on it. :D

Peek-a-boo! Can't see me, can you!

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