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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet Deppy

He's in the first photograph..... honest, he is! If you look closely in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo (or click on it to enlarge), you'll see him. For years we've enjoyed watching the antics of the field-mice in our garden and this is the first time I've been able to capture one on film... digitally I mean. It's not a fantastic photo but I was pleased all the same that he stayed still long enough to have his portrait taken. Every other time I've attempted to photograph one of the field mice, just as I click the button on my camera it scurries off and, sure enough, on checking the picture I'm left with a boring composition of some foliage and an empty space where little mousie should have been. Now at least I have a boring composition with a fat little furry creature in it!

I'm guessing this particular one must be an adult because he's quite large..... or maybe he's just been pigging out on the mouse and hamster food I got for them from the pet shop! We've seen a few baby ones too which isn't surprising since field mice reproduce several times per year. The babies are so sweet. Perhaps this one is an expectant mum.

The little character in the photograph is called Deppy, but then so is every field mouse in our garden..... they're all called Deppy! It's our generic name for them. When we spot one we say, "There goes a Deppy." And if we see a baby, it's a baby Deppy. You might be wondering why..... the second picture tells all. Both these wonderful creatures have huge brown eyes.

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  1. I love the little mouse people! The Capt. is a bit scary, though - haha!

  2. Hello Dee :) The Captain can shiver me timbers anytime! Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :O)

  3. And there was me thinking that you were referring to the large nosed French actor Gérard Depardieu!! Ahhh Lesley! I never knew that you had such a good taste in music to!!

  4. Hi Gf. :) Ooooooo I'm glad our mice have big eyes and not big noses! My apologies to Monsieur Depardieu. :D

    There's a bit of everything in my playlist..... just some of the music I've enjoyed during various stages in my life.... I've left out the heavy metal though! :O)

  5. Hi Lesley,

    It's always a good feeling visiting your garden blog. I can smell the flowers, I can feel the cool breeze. I can hear the birds and the bees. I feel like I'm home.

    Thanks for dropping by. I hope you already got over missing your son.

    Be well always.

  6. Hello Ss! :D It's good to hear from you as I've been thinking about you and wondering if all was okay, but I didn't like to post a direct question on those lines. Maybe I should have. That's the trouble with us Brits.... we're too reserved! Anyway, you're here now and I'm pleased.

    The garden is looking lovely just now. We've been having some gorgeous hot weather in the U.K. which brought the flowers out beautifully and, for the past couple of days, we've had some equally gorgeous rain which has refreshed them all. I'm hoping to make time today to take some photographs that I can post.

    Yes, I've settled down again..... just awaiting the next 'flying' visit! lol