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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sulking in the rain....... just sulking in the rain.... lalala

This photograph was taken a couple of days ago (Saturday) when it was 'bucketing down' with rain. The poor collared doves must have sat here for an hour or more just waiting for the rain to stop. They look pretty miserable, don't they. They're sitting in the birch tree which is part way down our garden. I took this photograph from the bedroom using the zoom lens. You can't see the rain in the photograph but, believe me, it was wet.... Wet..... WET!

My favourite flowers in the garden at this moment seem to be all pink. Here is a new bud on the climbing rose, 'Cecile Brunner', which is growing up one of the arches in our garden. This is a stunning rose and well worth the money paid for it, as it blooms from late May right up until October. The tight little rosebuds are often used in corsages for weddings.

This is another bloom on the 'Cecile Brunner' rose. This one has started to open. The wonderful thing about Cecile Brunner is that it's an evergreen rose and the foliage is mid to dark green with bronze tints throughout the Winter.

This is one of my all-time favourites for Summer 2009! It's Anemone de Caen in a hot pink!

........ and here's an even closer look!

It's lovely how certain colours seem to dominate the seasons. Early in the Spring flowers seem to be mostly yellow..... in the Summer it's pinks and blues and the Autumn brings us glorious oranges and bronze, whilst Winter brings forth the shiny red berries of the Rowan and Holly, etc. Nature has its very own fashion show!


  1. Those little doves remind me of Winston Churchill somehow.

  2. Lol Cg. Oddly enough I know what you mean! Sitting there all plumped up in their collar and tie and grumpy features, they do look a bit like the man himself! :D

  3. Gorgeous photos! Those doves are so precious.

  4. Hello Dee :) They're lovely aren't they. At the moment they're having battles with the pair of woodpigeons that also come to feed in the garden. It looks ferocious but really it's just a mighty show of outspread wings and ruffled feathers. I keep a watch though and make sure they all get their share of the goodies. :D

  5. p.s. Saw your latest post late last night Dee. I'm saving it for tonight when I have some leisurely time to enjoy it properly.

  6. Very lovely flowers! No matter what the weather is, just seeing those blooms can uplift the mood of anyone.

    I love the rain. I particularly love the sound of the constant downpour and I enjoy watching how it refreshes the trees and grasses. I even wrote one about the rain last year.

    You are so lucky to find those animals and birds in your garden. Thanks for sharing.

    Be well always.

  7. Hi Ss :) I love the rain too and for a while I lived in one of the highest rainfall areas in the U.k. I lived in a village called Kinlochleven which is near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. When it rained there, boy did it rain! But it was lovely walking through the pine forests and enjoying the scent of the trees and the damp peat.

    I agree, we're very lucky to be able to share our lives with the wildlife in the garden. We get great pleasure from watching them. Woody Woodpigeon gave me one heck of a fright earlier though. I was just going into the greenhouse, unaware that he was in there. There was an almight flapping of wings and plant pots flying about! He's made a right mess that I still have to clean up tomorrow. :)