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Monday, May 11, 2009

The blooms & beasties in our garden this week.

This is Clematis 'Miss Bateman'. It's a large-flowered clematis with creamy-white petals tinged with pink. The claret coloured stamens make a wonderful contrast.

On top of the table are pots of herbs and baby tomato plants getting the sunshine on the patio. Underneath the table are this week's plants on my eBay auctions. :)

I did this at the weekend. It's a wigwam of bamboo canes. Runner Beans (Scarlet Emperor) will grow on the outer ones and Sweet Peas on the inner ones.

This is the lilac tree from underneath. It's growing next to a weeping willow, so it has to stretch way up high for the sunlight and all the flowers are at the top. It creates a pretty dappled light.

And, of course, we have fairies living in the garden whose help we couldn't do without ..... a little bit of magic fairydust works wonders! Oooops, looks like they have a pet rabbit. Can you see him?


  1. Oh my gosh - I wouldn't have seen that little bunny if you hadn't mentioned it- so cute! Love your photos-that clematis is beautiful!

  2. Hi deedee. :) It's lifelike, isn't it. I'm going to ruin everything now and tell you it's one of a set of three pot ones I got from eBay! :O)

    The clematis is doing really well right now. I pruned it right down in very early Spring and now it's got dozens of huge flowers. :)