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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happiness in the small things......

Hey I've been tagged and the culprit is..... er, I mean it was that wonderfully talented writer by the name of Greenfingers at A Gardener's Life in Motion.

Here are the rules:

1) Name the person who tagged you. Mine is the aforementioned Green One.
2) List six unimportant things that make you feel happy. I've taken the word 'unimportant' to imply everyday things, and so here are mine:

* Walking on the hills or through the woods with our dogs, feeling the stillness and 'hearing' the silence except for the birds calling to each other.

* Watching sparkles of light dancing round the garden, reflected off an old glass lampshade hanging from one of the trees. Charlie, one of our dogs, likes watching that too. :)

* Going down to the greenhouse in the morning to open the windows. Every visit feels like the first. I feel so lucky to have this greenhouse..... hubby built it out of various bits and pieces and it's fab!

* Having a break from the day's work with a nice cup of Earl Grey and a good book.

* Spotting a germinated seedling in the garden that I didn't plant. It's either been from a seed in a bird dropping or blown there by the wind, etc...... a gift from Mother Nature. :)

* The postman bringing me some 'interesting' mail..... usually stuff I've ordered off eBay. :O)

3) Tag six people and make a link to their blog. Here goes.....

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Barbara at The Serenity Gate
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David at Snappy's Gardens Blog
Nancy at Writing Novels
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4) Leave a message on those peoples' blogs to let them know they've been tagged...... and off I go. :)


  1. Hi Lesley, thanks for Tagging me.I will do a reply soon.. thanks for dropping by so often :)

  2. Thanks for the tag, Lesley! I love your list ... especially #5 ... I started composting last year and now, I have little gifts growing ... I think they may be squash plants. It's so much fun ... like a little surprise! :)

    Thanks, again, for thinking of me!

    Small Footprints

  3. You're welcome David. How could I not stop by.... your blog is so interesting and an inspiration! :D

  4. Oh you're welcome Sf. Yes, I've had all sorts of surprise seedlings..... lots of baby trees especially, some I'm making into Bonsai (well trying to as I'm not experienced) and others I'm letting grow to their full height as we love trees. When we have too many for our garden, I'm going to have to donate them to the local wildlife trust!

    Composting is one of my favourite garden jobs. :D It never ceases to amaze me how the stuff we put in comes out as gorgeous lush soil.

  5. Thanks Lesley! And such lovely choices to.

  6. You have a gorgeous blog. I love all your animal photos. That leopard slug is amazing! I didn't know such a slug existed. Glad to have found you.

  7. Hi Deedee! :) I'm glad you like my blog..... and Herman. lol

    I've just visited your blog, reading all about Rigby and his exploits. :) I'll be following him closely. :D

  8. Yer welcome Greenfingers. :) If I'd been allowed a longer list, the rum truffles and vanilla doughnuts would be there too! :O)

  9. hi Lesley!
    so...I am tagged...ok I will do this tomorow in the A.M.!

    ps. i am jelous of your greenhouse!

  10. Hi Nancy. :) Hubby made the greenhouse from various sources. Part of it is what was left of our old one that got blown apart in the wind, another part is our daughter's old garden playhouse and the other bit consists of double-glazed windows donated from a neighbour. It's a real recycling job. :D