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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My new propagator ~ worth every penny!

I was disappointed with my seed-sowing efforts on New Year's day. Only one tray, the Alyssum, germinated and the seedlings are very pale. I thought with the little bit of heat we have in our greenhouse, my success rate would have been greater. It just goes to show that it was still too early and much too cold.

Not to worry, I got myself a propagator and what a little gem of a gadget it is! I've now got pots of Delphinium, Orange-scented Thyme, Tomatoes and Chilli Peppers coming up. These photographs were taken two days ago and the Lupins have germinated already! It was definitely a good buy and just the thing for an early start to the season. For once I might have tomatoes before the neighbours! har har :D


  1. I am jealous! I'd love to have that little gadget.

  2. Hi Debbie. :) You must get yourself one. They're not expensive, otherwise I could never have got one! lol