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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The Weatherpeople were absolutely correct in their prediction of heavy snow for the U.K. Actually I cheated with this photo.... it was taken in January when we had similar weather conditions. As I went for my camera a couple of days ago during the worst of the snowfall, our three dogs had plundered their way round the garden leaving lots of messy pawprints which would have spoilt the look! Hence the earlier photograph. :)

That's my outdoor gardening activities postponed for a while, along with the arrival of the two new coldframes I ordered because the company's courier can't get through the snow. Odd how the school bus managed though. lol According to the news reports, the U.K. is the laughing stock of countries such as Russia and Sweden because we have almost ground to a halt due to difficulty in coping with the snow. It seems that 'the powers that be' are becoming complacent with all the talk of rising temperatures and global warming. Ah well.... that's us Brits, a hopeless bunch of lovable clowns! :D

As far as the garden plants are concerned, the snow actually provides a protective layer and come Spring, the bulbs will be blooming regardless. It's a cheering thought.

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