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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Little Froggy. :)

This is the first little froggy I've seen this season...... well, apart from the ones I disturbed while dismantling the rock garden earlier in the year. I wonder if he (or she) was one of them. I'd just hung a couple of fat balls out for the birds, turned round and saw this little fella sitting comfortably on his chunk of gravel at the bottom of the stone steps. He didn't even mind posing for the camera. I love it when all the little creatures come out of hiding. I enjoy their company. :)


  1. What a cutie. I can't wait to see the spring critters.

  2. Hi Debbie. :) We had an unusual visitor a few days ago..... the cockerel that lives about 10 doors down! He stayed all day in our garden. I kept putting seed out for him in case he started scratching around the borders. lol It's the first time he's ventured so far. I think something must have spooked him in his own garden... a bird of prey perhaps.

  3. I'm with you ... love it when little critters come out to visit.

    We had a little frog on our patio for a whole summer. He loved our potted plants and the rocks I set out. Every night we'd look for him ... and there he'd be ... digging a cozy nest for himself in one of the planters. It was a special treat!

    Small Footprints

  4. Hi Sf :D Lol yes, they do seem to make a little nest. I've often seen pots with froggy imprints left behind in the compost! :O) It's lovely to watch out for them. In the Summer, we wait for 'our' field-mice to arrive on the patio every night round about tea-time, for the seed we put out for them. It's funny watching them darting around in circles, swiping seeds and then diving for cover. :)

  5. Frogs tend to mate when it's wet but also mild Lesley, I hope you don't get a swarm of them!! Mind you, they love bugs so are good for your garden to!!

  6. Hi Greenfingers! Nice to see you stop by. :)

    Yes, I suppose it's THAT time of the year again. lol We usually see about four or five different frogs in the garden each year..... and a big, fat, warty toad! :O) I didn't realise that frogs could be so different.... in our garden we've seen very dark bottle-green ones to ones that are almost lime green!

    I think the frogs originated from a nearby natural pond that was drained many years ago and quite a few people in our street have ponds too.