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Friday, July 22, 2011

Update on baby sparrow

Well, so far so good.  First of all, I understand everyone's concern about not interfering with nature.  I believe in leaving baby birds for their parents to care for, but....... (there's always a but!)....... in this case, this little nestling was too young to be out of the nest and I thought that, even if its parents did find it and continue to feed it on the ground, it was too fragile to survive the drop in temperature through the night without the body heat of its siblings.  So I've got it in a little box filled with lots of pieces of ripped up kitchen roll, and the box is on top of a hot water bottle.  I've been feeding it every half-hour (since 4.30 a.m.!) and I'm glad to say that its feeding well and seems to be a strong little thing.  I found this website with lots of good advice on caring for baby birds.  I realise that if it does survive its ordeal and gets stronger, it will be totally dependent on me for another two to three weeks.  I really hope that it's not too long before we're releasing it back into the wild where it belongs.


  1. I wouldn't expect anything else from you Lesley.
    It's a good job it's not a baby bird of prey.
    i can't imagine how good you will feel when it fledges.

  2. Hi Johnny. :) Yes, I couldn't see myself feeding a baby bird of prey on all the grisly things they need! :O) I would definitely hand it over to the professionals. As I'm writing this, its sitting in its little kitchen roll nest in a box beside me. It's strong enough now to perch on my finger while I feed it. But don't worry, I'm only handling it when it needs feeding and there's a cover half over its box, so everything is nice and calm. Oh Johnny, if the little soul makes it and fledges, I will be over the moon!

  3. I think you are doing a great thing Lesley dear, apart from the change in temperature outside the parents may even reject their little baby and it might die of cold and starvation. Yes a warm place, regular feedings and hopefully it will make it and you will see it fledge.
    Thinking of you.♥

    xoxoxo ♡