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Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Hey, whatcher lookin' at?!"

We anticipate the little fella will be leaving us within a week or two.  He's been pecking at the bottom of the cage - whether he's actually been pecking up seeds or not, I'm not sure, because as soon as I turn to look at him he freezes, stops what he's doing,  and studies me as closely as I'm studying him!  But he's on the right track.  He's also beginning to exercise his wing feathers, so that's promising.  I put the cardboard inner tube of a kitchen roll inside his cage and he's sheltered in there now..... yet he seems to know when he needs food and makes himself conspicuous.  Whoever coined the phrase 'bird brain' was so wrong!


  1. Jack seems to be doing very well. You are doing a fantastic job.
    Hope nobody in particular sprung to mind with you were thinking of the phrase bird brain.

  2. No one at all Johnny. lol I'm amazed at his rate of development. I have his cage next to Edmund and Crystal's (though their door is open for them to come and go as they please) and he's copying the things they do. He preens when they preen and when they're eating at their dishes, he's pecking up seed from the floor of his cage. I'm happy to say he still retains his wildness.... after I'd fed him this morning, he scooted on to the floor and under the bed. It took me ages to catch him. :O) I would let him have a free run, but I'd be frightened he'd get himself stuck somewhere and get hurt. I think my earlier estimation of a week or two is off the mark..... seeing him this morning, I reckon it'll be more like days. :)

  3. Hello Kristi, thank you for stopping by. I'm following you on my homeschool blog. It's been a real privilege to watch baby Jack's progress and it will be wonderful when he's able to back into his natural environment. :D

  4. You are doing a great job Lesley dear, you are a good person. He is probably looking at you and wondering where are your feathers, since you are his surrogate Mummy! :) That was a good idea to put him near your birds, he will learn some bird skills from them.
    Take care.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. It is amazing the rate that young animals/ birds grow in the wild. Our House Sparrows spend a lot of time feeding in the small ornamental cherry right in front of our bay window so i'm lucky to be able to sit and watch the babies wing beating to their parents for food........even though they are big enough to feed themselves now.
    I feel priviledged to be able to look into their world a little.

  6. Lol Dianne..... he's probably thinking, "I hope I don't grow up like that!" :O)

  7. Hi Johnny. Yes, I was just watching some baby sparrows on our fence this morning, being fed by their parents and the babies look much bigger than Jack and have loads more feathers. Jack's are still those downy fluffy ones. He gets very excited when I put his cage outside and starts jumping on and off the bars, flapping his little wings. I'm finding it a bit difficult to know if he's able to cope with freedom yet.