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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wanted to share with you

The Rookery in Winter at dusk

Spider Tribe's Bardic Blog

I've recently begun following this blog and the poetry of the participating members is an absolute joy. It's well worth a read. 'Urban Dusk' by Claire is the most recent post. I think it's incredible. Amy Claire Rose also writes poetry for the blog. She is extremely talented and I had to look twice at her age..... 12 years! Click here to read their poetry.

Jackdaws and Rooks


Stunning artwork by Lemon Street Gallery


  1. Hi Lesley...
    That art is amazing. You DO know that, don't you...?


  2. Thanks for the tip, Lesley. I'll put that blog on my list!

  3. Thanks, Lesley, for your lovely words of encouragement..and your endorsement!! We are very much enjoying reading your blog, too. Claire and Amy

  4. Hi Claire and Amy. Good work has to be shouted about! :D

  5. Lesley, the art is gorgeous. I will definitely check out the poetry-thanks for the tip!

  6. Hi Gled..... way out of my price range though! Alas, I can only admire. :)