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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dandelion days......


My favourite part of the garden isn't where the roses grow, or the lilies and irises. It's not even the herb or vegetable patch. It's a small section set aside for wildflowers. There's ivy sprawling over a rotting tree trunk, bright blue speedwell, plantain and dandelions. It makes good groundcover for the creatures that live in the garden. Often, while strolling down the path in the Summer, I've caught sight of a frog sheltering from the sun under the ivy leaves.

This year I want to add more groundcover and introduce wildflowers into other sections of the garden, even under the roses, irises and lilies! Wildflowers are so pretty. I love to see patches of speedwell growing in a lawn and masses of golden dandelions. I have to admit to feeling deflated when the local council comes along with their mowers, leaving sqares of uniform green instead of the cheery yellow blooms.

Clover is another favourite. The scent of white clover is as intoxicating as a lily and red clover reminds me of my childhood, when my friends and I would search for what seemed like hours for the illusive four leaved plant.

red clover

I was delighted to come across an eBay seller who's offering wildflower seeds and sedum plug plants at bargain prices. Click here to see her items. I now have some fantastic plug plants nestling in the propagator and red clover, white clover, birds-foot-trefoil, dandelion and self-heal seeds to set away. Mind you, the dandelions aren't just for the wildlife...... they're also for our salads and I'm planning on making dandelion wine . Hubby doesn't drink but I like wine and if I make it from dandelions then I could possibly convince him it really is for my health.

Sedum cauticola

Sedum spurium

Sedum weihnstephaner gold

"Blessings on thy sunny face,
In my heart thou hast a place,
Humble Dandelion!"
Helen M. Johnson


  1. Nice to read that you are going to extend your wild flowers, We've managed our gargen in such a way that last year we had around 150 wild ochids in flower,mostly common spotted orchids but a few marsh orchids, if you are interested you may want to read my earier blogs.

  2. Hi David. :) I would LOVE to grow wild orchids too! Going over to your blog now.

  3. I have never considered the beauty of the humble Dandelion until reading your post. I wonder if i can convince my wife to let them grow this year instead of mowing them down when they are in bloom. That discussion might require some fancy foot-work and a glass or 2 of wine!

  4. I definitely find wildflowers more pleasing than the cultivated ones. I love those sunny dandelion faces too!

  5. I hope if that discussion takes place, you'll blog about it and tell us where to send the 'get well' cards! :D

  6. Hi Deedee. Wildflowers are more delicate looking than cultivated ones and look great en masse.

  7. Ahhh the smell of Clover Lesley...I do love it to! A very English scent!

  8. lol I have a vision of foraging bees visiting clover with teeny-weeny gas masks on to stop themselves from being overcome by the perfume! Hi Gf. :)

  9. Love this post!!!
    Dandelions and clover are among my favorite weeds - some of nature's most beautiful works of art are easily overlooked or viewed as annoyances. I love it in the springtime, before time for the first grass cutting of the season, when the lawn is full of tiny splashes of lilacs, whites, blues, and yellows. I always feel a bit sad when that color is lost to the sharp blades of the lawnmower.

  10. That's exactly how I feel, ethelmae. At least we can allow them to grow in our own gardens. I'm so looking forward to the Spring this year!