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Thursday, January 28, 2010

And I said, "No more pets!" Huh!

It looks like my plans for a wormery is about to be put into action. Reading the latest edition of Permaculture Magazine (click here to see mag), there's a link to a wonderful do-it-yourself homemade wormery that even my budget can run to. The shopping list consists of a few plastic boxes, a water butt tap, some old newspaper and a drill. The species of worms to introduce to your wormery are Brandlings and can be bought at fishing tackle shops, but I've found they are naturally attracted to compost bins so I'm going to vacate some from there into their new home, where they will be well and truly spoiled with all sorts of tasty tit-bits.

Here's the link for the d-i-y wormery. The instructions are very easy to follow, in fact I think..... no, I know I will be able to make this myself without hubby's help. There are clear drawings, diagrams and a sweet little cartoon piccy of a worm.

We have.....

No bones
No shells
No teeth, as well ~
No lips, no beaks
No chins, no cheeks
No horns, no claws
No talons, jaws
No legs, no wings....
No fancy things
Like fins or scales,
Or fluffy tails
Or blubber like the big blue whales.
We're soft
We're small
Not much at all.
We're nondescript ~
But we're equipped
To eat your dirt.
It doesn't hurt
Us.... not a bit.
In fact,
We like the taste of it.
We toil in soil.
We've got true grit!


  1. Worm poop is the best fertilizer! I've done the worm bin thing before and it's not much work and a great way to boost the nutrient levels of your garden soil. Your plants will be thanking you!

    And, worms are about as low-maintenance a pet as you will ever find. No need to take them for walks, or play fetch-the-stick, and never an expensive visit to the vet.

  2. Lol, visit the vet! :O) Mr.B, had I known you were an authority on worm poop, I'd have asked you to do a guest post! :D What other knowledge do you have that you're not telling us? :)

  3. Ahh nice one Lesley!
    Me does think that there's not to many woman who like the idea of handling worms!

    Maybe its something in the wiggle?!

  4. Hi Gf :) It took me long enough to get used to it, being a scoleciphobic.... see my post of January 15th! :O) I'm not sure why handling worms should cause such dread. It could possibly be quite an interesting discussion except that all the Freudians out there could read too much into it..... so I'll leave well alone! :D

  5. Just to let you know Lesley that YES, little whippet Moon can really be seen walking around in a little Green Mod Jacket!!

    Sometime in the future, when he actually stays still for a minute I'll try to get some photos up!

  6. That I will look forward to! :D Awww, bless him. :O)

  7. Hi Lesley,
    Yes, take the sun image to your sidebar from me! Every garden needs a little sunshine.

  8. Hi Lesley, thanks as always for your lovely comments on the tribe blog. Your fun with the wormery (!) reminds me of my fun (!) with the children's ant 'farm' and triops! How much easier it is with cats!! Sending you imbolc blessings and a glimpse of snowdrops on this grey day,

  9. Hi Claire. I had to google 'triops' to find out what they were. :O)

    We have one solitary snowdrop in flower, but lots more in bud. :D

  10. I too like worms, and sometimes rescue them when the rain drives them onto the pavement.

  11. In that case.... I like you very much! :D