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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Billy and Martin's Garden ~ Part Two.

As I've been clearing the growth I've come across dozens of these moths with their beautiful opaque feathery white wings. It's the White Plume Moth (Pterophorus pentadactyla). Their habitat is dry grassland and wasteground so Billy and Martin's garden was just perfect for them. I'll set aside a part of the garden as a mini-meadow and the White Plume Moth wont have to move home. They lay their eggs exclusively on Bindweed and the caterpillars feed on that also. I'm sure there will still be some Bindweed left behind for them. :)

Chopping down the tall grasses, nettles and docks I came across this young oak tree! It was a real surprise as it had been completely hidden.

A small pink rose bush peeping through the Brambles. I managed to cut round it leaving the rose intact.

And here's the work done to date. About a third of the garden is partially cleared. When all the unwanted growth has been cleared, I'll prune the shrubs at each side and then hubby will go over it with a petrol lawnmower a few times to, hopefully, leave a smooth finish. That's the plan anyway! It looks like straw and hay just now but as the light and rain fall on it, it should start to turn a lovely mid-green. The clump that I've left is where I disturbed a bees nest. I'll work round it and the bees should settle down again until they're ready to leave in the Autumn. I'm also leaving the Brambles down one side of the garden (but I'll prune them into shape) as they provide lots of food for bees..... and for Sooty, the cat, to play under. Besides, I've promised Billy and Martin to make some Bramble pies! Oh lawdy.


  1. I love the patterns in the leaves. I also love the sidebar picture of your sons.

  2. Hi Cg and thank you! The photo of our sons was taken near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands as that's where we lived when they were brought up. That's where he wanted his wedding to be.

  3. You are making great progress. That is a ton of work.

  4. Hi Debbie, thank you! :) Yes we're getting there. It's coming together now and I have a blog post to do later tonight with some more recent photographs. It wont be long till I'm doing some planting up.

  5. Keep up the good (hard) work Lesley!

  6. Hi Gf. :) We've been interrupted by the rain today.... it's never stopped. At this rate, the grass will grow back tall again before we get the chance to carry on with it! :O)