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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Billy and Martin's Garden ~ Part One.

This is a photograph of my friends' garden. My friends are two elderly gentlemen (brothers) who live in the same street as us. In fact it's a similar view to the one we have. The pointed roof is the Methodist Chapel that we can see from our garden too.

They're unable to manage their garden now because of physical ailments that include arthritis, amongst other things. Previously, they kept the garden productive and beautiful, and I'd like to restore it for them. In the photograph, it may look like a wilderness but in amongst the weeds there are some pretty dog roses and various shrubs..... and who knows what other botanical surprises I might find!

There are two outcomes I am aiming for as I work on this garden. The first is that I want to make it an attractive place that my friends will enjoy relaxing in. The second is that Sooty, their cat, will need hidey-holes and mini jungles because as it is now, it is an absolute paradise for a hunting feline. I don't want to spoil it for her!

This garden will take me a while to put in order because I like to work manually. I dislike barging in with strimmers and rotovators. Although rotovators dislodge many weeds, many more are simply torn away, leaving the roots behind in the soil. To me, the only way to rid weeds from the garden is by constantly digging out the roots. And weedkiller is a definite no for me. I like to work thoroughly but kindly.

There was a heck of a lot of hard work put into our own garden but we were able to do it at our leisure. For Billy and Martin's garden, I'm setting myself a target of about six weeks so that by mid-August they will be able to enjoy their garden as the Summer tapers out into Autumn.

Billy and Martin are over the moon that their garden is being tackled. I have to admit that the pleasure is not one-sided. I still do some work in our own garden, but to be given the chance to create a new one from scratch is fantastic. My adrenaline is really kicking in and I probably wont sleep tonight thinking of all the ideas I can put into practice!


  1. I have a couple corners of my garden that I can never get cleaned up!!! Come on over and give me a hand too!!!

  2. Lol, cheeky! Hey, a trip to the United States to do a spot of gardening sounds just the thing. :D

  3. Well, if you're going to be out this way...

    Seriously, what a great friend and neighbor you are!

    I once took care of a neighbor's cat for a week...

  4. Hee hee Ian, at this rate I could end up with mini holidays all over the States!

    Cats are lovely company. Everyone knows they're truly independent but when they come and curl up on your lap, it's a great honour and does wonders for your ego! :)

  5. Oh that's amazing... such an overgrown site would have been a wonderland in my childhood. I still remember our "secret garden", disused garden of a boarded up old house that was awaiting demolition in the early 1980s. It was eventually turned into flats for creatures I later found out were called "yuppies"...

    I love ladybirds... was (and still am) thinking of doing a furry weekends one on them 1 of these days...

  6. How wonderful, Lesley! You are so good for helping your friends and for thinking of their cat as well. You are so right, machines just can't do garden chores job correctly. Best wishes and here's hoping you find some great surprises hidden in the soil. P.S.- Your little girl is adorable as a flower girl.

  7. Hello Deedee :D Honestly, the pleasure is mostly mine. It's like being given a blank canvas to work with and if I find any botanical treasures, I'll report here first!

    Thank you for complimenting Charlotte. She's a pretty little thing but her star sign is Taurus the Bull...... that speaks volumes! :O)

  8. I know what you mean Gled. My friends and I used to love making tunnels and mazes in the long grass. As children we don't recognise the 'weeds' or discarded bits of wood, etc. It's all building material for dens. I was just thinking a few days ago that I'd love to make a 'secret hideaway' at the bottom of our garden.... the adult equivalent of a den. :D

  9. Wow Lesley! What a job and what a good hearted thing to do.
    Now if I just had the time I could have headed down there with my very delicate strimming style and John Deere to level it out for you! Obviously I'd let you go in first and fence off the shrubs and roses!!

    Then again, I know that a gardener likes a BIG challenge!!

    Plenty of before and after photos methinks?!!

  10. Lol Gf! When I was along there today, I DID find a rose.... two lilac bushes, some verbascum and a blackcurrant bush! And I'd like to know how these plants are growing in perfect condition, unlike the ones in MY garden. Maybe it's the protection of all those 'weeds' and long grass!

    I forgot to take my camera today.... duh! But I'll remember to take it along tomorrow and take some more photographs.

    I might not have thanked you for the mechanical hooby-joobies but you could have carried me home on a stretcher.... I worked without stopping for 3 1/2 hours! :O)