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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Mossy Wig. :)

I just noticed in the last couple of days that our little Buddha statue is growing a fine covering of moss. I'm not being disrespectful, but doesn't he look sweet..... even with that little half smirk, caused by the effect of weather and erosion! Mother Nature must know how fond I am of moss.

These two photos were taken during a quiet five minutes before planting potatoes, sowing pea seeds, potting on dozens of plants from the greenhouse, planting in the garden, wrapping items for eBay, striding up to the post office to post the said packages, walking the dogs...... after all that, I couldn't face dragging out the vacuum cleaner so I disappeared off to the allotment knowing full well that hubby would do it when he came home from work! I know, I'm shameless! lol

If you click on the second photograph to enlarge it you can spot the butterfly on the purple plant. I was just about to take a close-up photo of it but it fluttered off.


  1. On closer inspection Lesley it appears that your Buddha may have given birth to a little pink offspring!!

  2. Lol Gf, he has indeed! :O)

    I bet you noticed the doggy poop at the end of the garden path too, but you were being too gentlemanly to mention it! I must have missed that one..... eeeeuuuugghhhh! :O)

  3. p.s. Gf, re the little pink offspring.... maybe that's why he's looking so pleased with himself!

  4. I love the Buddahs new growth of hair.I like moss as well and remove all the weeds around it, but leave the moss.You have a colourful garden there.

  5. Hi David. :D

    I'm reading a wonderful book about moss just now. It's called 'Gathering Moss' (A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses) by Robin Wall Kimmerer. It's so beautifully written and I've learned so much about how mosses survive against all the odds and the life that lives within them. It's a fascinating book. When I've finished it, I'll write a more detailed post about it.

    I've noticed that whenever I write about mosses, Google sneaks in with ads for moss killer! Duh!

  6. How fun.... moss hair!
    Happy Spring!

  7. Hi Bren. :) It makes him look cute. lol Now if I'd TRIED to get moss to grow there, it probably wouldn't have!