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Friday, March 13, 2009

A gift from Mother Nature?

Although Lucky's cage looks empty, he spent most of the day out of it. :)

Four Summers ago our family was blessed with a lovely little visitor, a small bright yellow canary that flew right into our house. It was a lovely evening, dusk was falling and I was leaning against the patio doors just daydreaming. My attention was drawn to the tiny yellow bird that was perching on the garden fence. Realising it was an escaped pet bird, I went to the kitchen to get some seed to see if I could entice it in. No need. As soon as my back was turned, it flew in upstairs into our daughter's bedroom! My husband and daughter were in her bedroom at the time and got quite a shock to see a bright yellow canary land on the dollshouse. Our daughter called it 'Lucky' and he was indeed lucky as, no doubt, he would either have succumbed to the cold or been snatched by a bigger bird. We know it was a male canary because it had the sweetest singing voice imaginable (female canaries don't sing) and he gave us lots of pleasure over the last four years with his gentle lullabies.

Sadly for us, on Tuesday evening (10th March), Lucky passed on. We made him a lovely little grave in the garden and said a prayer of thanks for his life and that we got to share it. On his grave, we planted some violas, which you can see at the bottom of the photograph. Lucky was the perfect pet...... the only fault with canaries though, is that they just don't live long enough.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your bird. I share the sorrow because I am a pet lover myself. That's the saddest part of owning a pet - death. But no matter how sad it is, the joy of owning one outweighs the grief.

  2. Thank you Ss. I totally agree with you, they bring us so many years of joy with their love and companionship. Life would be much emptier without our pets. :)

  3. I'm sorry about your bird. I know the feeling as I lost my cat too. But the best thing is, when they left, they imprint on our hearts and we will never forget them(:

    btw, you've been tagged.

  4. Hello QM. :) Yes, pleasant memories are a gift they leave us.

    Thanks for the tag.... just on my way out, so will save it for tonight. :D

  5. The story is lovely Lesley about Lucky.Flying into your life you saved him from the outside world.I am sure he will be keeping an eye on you and your household from above!

  6. Hi David! :)

    Yes, he was a little treasure, the ideal companion animal. Meanwhile, our cockatiels (Edmund and Emily) are squalking loudly and making pests of themselves! lol