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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden-induced Insomnia!

It happens every time round about now. From Spring onwards the insomnia begins! I'm sitting here like a pop-eyed zombie after having had about three hours sleep last night. Yesterday was fantastic though. I spent most of it in the garden..... moving plants to new spots in the garden, potting on in the greenhouse, sowing even more seeds, pruning, etc. etc. Before I knew it tea-time had arrived. Not to worry.... hubby had everything in hand and the potatoes were simmering nicely in their pan.

Then I made the mistake of sorting out a pile of gardening magazines to browse just before bedtime. I tried to go to sleep but ended up thinking of all the projects I have in store for the coming year..... a container bog garden with heavenly irises and a miniature water lily, adorning the shed roof with a living green carpet of sedums, turning over part of the lawn to a miniature wildflower meadow, deciding which climbing plants to train over the metal gothic gazebo (when we save up for it!)........ constructing a series of underground caverns and grottoes draped in lime green lichens and spongy bottle-green mosses. No hang on, I'm getting carried away here and besides, we live on a previously mined area which means the house and garden would probably be swallowed up in one great black hole!

Who said gardening was good for your health?!



  1. Hi………
    Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
    Great! Keep up the great posts…..
    Good week………

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it Susan and thank you for stopping by! :D

  3. I love that picture, and it says it all!

  4. Hi Cg. :) Yes, it's a 'busy' picture, isn't it! :O)

  5. I know the feeling:
    It is now 5 am and I have been here at my pc for a few hours already :-)

  6. Hi Jo. :) It feels like we're the only ones awake in the small hours but there must be loads of people with this problem.

    Thanks for popping in. :)