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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

May your tatties.....!

One of the things I most enjoy about my greenhouse is the garden wildlife that takes shelter there. Last Summer, one of my constant companions was Esmerelda. I loved watching her slide effortlessly and with grace down the silken threads of her web. She wasn't afraid of me one little bit and my entrance into the greenhouse didn't affect her activities at all.

All Summer I looked forward to greeting her every day until the cold days of late Autumn arrived along with Esmerelda's departure. I really missed her! But life has to go on and go on it did. In Spring, the first photo shows the sight that greeted me one morning...... a newly-hatched brood of Esmerelda's babies! For a few days they clung together, venturing only a few inches away each time, until a week or so later when they had dispersed to various parts of the greenhouse. It was an amazing sight and, by far, the highlight of my gardening year. God bless Esmerelda!

From the highlight of my gardening year, I'd like to
offer you a toast for the coming one

May your
tatties always chit well
and never get the blight.
May your roses shun the blackspot
always blooming big and bright.
May the beasties in your garden
never feed upon your greens
and may the compost in your bin
for'er be fit for kings and queens.
I raise to you all a cup of good cheer
for happy gardening days throughout the New Year!
(by Lesley)
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Hi Lesley,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and signing-up to be a regular. I like yours too and look forward to visiting again.

    Great photos!


  2. Thanks Ian! And we have something in common relating to 'imaginary friend' but I'm not so brave as you as to write about it online. lol :D

    Nice to meet you. :)