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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring in the air........

The sun was shining today..... it was, I saw it from my window!  So I decided I'd take the opportunity to get out in the garden and get something done.  It was lovely and mild with a definite hint of Spring in the air.

At the back of the garden, there's a lovely little corner where we think the wrens take shelter and probably nest.  On one side is a leylandii hedge with ivy growing underneath, and on the back fence there's Winter jasmine.  I planted some wild purple foxgloves at the back, underplanted with wild strawberries, both of which I had grown from seed.  We've placed the arch nearby and I'm training one of the clematis over it...... as I was tidying it up today, I saw a nest within it's branches.  I saw a second nest, again in a clematis, in another part of the garden.  I hope the birds continue to make their homes here even though we've moved in, as the house had been empty for quite a long time.  On the back fence, there's a honeysuckle and the leaf buds are making an appearance....... oh, what delights Summer holds!

Having had such a good day in the garden set me off dreaming about the features I would like to have.......

greenhouse by Gabriel Ash

This is my dream greenhouse, just the right size for our garden, with matching coldframes... ideal.

How about this pond, fed by running water and adorned with gorgeous water lilies.  Oh.... Bob, Charlie and Benji would have such fun plodging through a pond like this!


Next on my list would be a romantic ruin ...... somewhere to while away the hours and forget where I am - forget which century I'm in......


Somewhere in my garden there would be a grotto, dark and damp with lots of lush ferns growing all around.

...... and when I've had enough of lingering underground, I would wander through the wildflower meadow with the butterflies and bees. 

Methinks I will have to scale things down somewhat!


  1. Ho to Dream! Perhaps some of your dreams might come true.

  2. Methinks it would be wonderful, well I am sure you can achieve some of your dreams. I would love a wildflower meadow and maybe a 'folly' or a ruin and pretend I am living in the times of Jane Austen.
    I love the flowers in your much milder Spring and Summer climate, how lovely to have clematis, honeysuckle, wild foxgloves, winter jasmine ... of course these plants grow here but they look so much more beautiful in your green and pleasant land.
    I am so pleased to hear that you have birds nesting in your garden.
    Yes Lesley dear you will have many delights in your garden this Summer. xoxo ♡

  3. Hi David, I'm sure they could.... but if they don't, I'll still be happy with my little garden.

    Hi Dianne. I'm full of anticipation for the months to come. It's been like Spring here for the past two days. :)

  4. I could help you with one of your list. I could come and sit in your garden. I'm not a great romantic but i am a RUIN.
    I was out for a brief 2 hours this morning and was convinced that some of the birds were thinking it was spring.

  5. Lol John! :O) Okay then.... if I can find you a dry place to sit. You'll probably bring good luck to my garden and all sorts of birds will show up, from woodpeckers to flycatchers once you appear. :D

    It was lovely yesterday.... and the birds are beginning to sing from very early in the morning now. :)

  6. Have you ever heard of scarecrows? Well i'm not much better turned out, even in my Sunday best. I'd settle for a gnome with a fishing rod if i were you.
    I've been keeping all sorts of strange hours with this virus/ flu that i've had and been awake at all sorts of hours during the night. We have Robins and Blackbirds and even a Dunnock that sing at any time from 3a.m. onwards. Unfortunately i hadn't been well enough to appreciate them.

  7. Hi Lesley...I'd like that greenhouse...wonder if they'd give us a mamouth discount if we bought two, one for each of us:) Wish we could have some sun round here as it is still cold and damp and I am fed up with all the mud most of which seems to be in my hall.

  8. Hi John, yes.... a gnome with a fishing rod would be just the thing. :O) I hope you feel better soon. Try to get rest, even if you're not able to sleep.

  9. Might be worth a try Helen! :D

    Sunny days aren't far off now Helen.... the clocks will be going forward soon. But I know what you mean about all the mud.... with the problems we're having with flooding out the back garden, the dogs are bringing a fair amount of mud into the house. I know I should keep them out of the back, but I don't like letting them out the front in case anyone accidentally leaves the gate open. Ah well, it'll be shampooed carpets throughout come the finer days. :)