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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fungi, Tiny nests and Sheep!

At last I have been able to photograph something in the garden!  I'm hoping someone can identify this fungi.  It's growing about a foot's distance from the hedge.

Below is a closer image of it.  It's sort of ruffled and the edges are laced with white.

This is another fungi (pictured below), growing on a tree stump in the garden.  Does anyone know what it is?  It looks quite disgusting - like some form of excrement!  I hope neither of these fungi are poisonous because of our dogs.

Charlotte (daughter) and I went out for a walk today - we even got the old man to come too!  The picture below shows a tiny nest - there were three of them within yards of each other.  I wish my photo' could show just how tiny they were.  At a guess, I'd say they were about four inches in diameter and they were built mostly with sheep's wool. :D  Does anyone know which bird might have built these perfect little nests?

Could these be the very sheep that provided the building materials for the above abode?  They were in a nearby field.  I love the ones to the left, with the white faces. :)  This is between Oakenshaw and Brancepeth.


  1. Looks like a goldfinch nest, Lesley. The first fungus looks like trametes versicolor...

  2. Sorry Lesley, I can't identify the fungi. Those little nests in the tree look so lovely, imagine all of the intricate work that went into building such perfect structures.
    I was delighted one day to watch a pair of birds in my garden busily collecting twigs and dry plant material to build their nest. Back and forth they went, weaving with their beaks, such dedication until the nest was perfect, miraculous really.
    The sheep are lovely, you have such interesting breeds in the UK, it looks like a lovely place to live.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Leley the first fungus is Many zoned Polypore. the second are King Alfred Cakes or Cramp Balls. I've only seen the latter growing on dead Ash stumps but it could no doubt grow other places. Neither are edible but I doubt the dogs would touch them. Dogs don't like fungi they like steak.

  4. Thanks Phil. Hubby guessed the nest belonged to a goldfinch. Both you and Adrian have given me suggestions as to what the fungi are, so I'll look them up to find out more.

    Awww Dianne, I just wish you could see how tiny the nest was. I can imagine how snug the little hatchlings were inside it. It certainly is miraculous how birds build their nests and in such a short space of time too. They are totally dedicated.

    Hi Adrian. Thank you for naming my fungi. I'm now going to learn more about them. I agree, I think the dogs would turn their noses up at the fungi, whereas they'd probably kill for a bit of steak!

  5. Lesley. Phil and I are talking the same thing. I hope, I regard Phil as the source of all knowledge but just to check Googled it.
    Fungi are very difficult.One has to be a misogynist to really know. The King Alfred Cakes also grow on burnt Gorse but are much much smaller. They are probably called something else. Very few fungi are poisonous........but many are best not eaten; taste a wee bit and see, if it's 'orrid spit it out....Horse Mushroom ladies can eat, they look like field mushroom to me but stain yellow, men can't, they give us stomach cramps. You don't eat Cramp balls you pick them and pop them in your pocket.......I only get cramp at night so can't think of any suitable place to pop one. There is a feast out there for free, Shaggy Ink Cap being superb in Omelette on top of a large steak. The Fly Agaric you posted a piccy off is best not eaten. It has a chemical that is hallucinogenic..............Don't want any of that nonsense. All the best

  6. Hi Adrian. Yes, I googled it and the name Phil gave and the one you gave also, turned out to be different names for the same fungi.

    "...taste a wee bit and see, if it's 'orrid spit it out...." Good idea Adrian, I'll test them out for the dogs! :O) And no comment about where to put the Cramp balls for night cramps!

    Yes, it's just as well I didn't come across the Fly Agaric when I was a lot younger. These days I just stick to the Mateus Rose for my mind-altering substance. :D