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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tidying and pottering

I've been spending a little time today doing some tidying in the garden and greenhouse, sorting the plant pots neatly by size and planting what I can while the weather is still reasonably mild. The one thing I hate about tidying in the garden is disturbing the creatures that live there. Lift a pot and out scurries dozens of frantic little woodlice - I feel so guilty for disrupting their peace. I think of them carrying on with their lives, doing whatever it is that woodlice do, until I happen along and create chaos in their world. That's why I very rarely tidy up in the garden.

As I reached for a plant, from the side of my eyes I saw this fella in the pot next to it - he made me jump! I didn't produce the same effect in him - he didn't budge while I went for my camera and took his photograph. He was probably sleeping off his Sunday dinner of slugs.

This is one instance where I should be more careful - tidying away the seed packets. I'd left this lot stuffed in a plant pot on the floor of the potting shed and the mice have made some pretty cut-out patterns! Thankfully, they didn't feast on the seeds - they must have only wanted the paper for their nest.

After tidying up, I had a little wander round the garden and took a photograph of this beautiful sedum. It's Sedum spectabile and it's the first year I've grown it. I have it in a container where it cascades over the top. It's so pretty with its tiny starlike flowers. I hope it survives the Winter.

I don't know how I've never noticed this before. It's the main stem of a white Jasmine I have growing over one of the metal arches. While examining the plant constantly throughout the Summer for signs of flower buds, I missed the lovely pattern on its stem. I only noticed it when looking at the nasturtiums growing nearby. I don't know why it hasn't flowered yet as it's about three years old - never mind, at least it has a beautiful stem. :)

Here it is a bit closer. And if you look carefully, you'll see a white hair - one of Benji's. :O)

My tidying up in the garden is finished for this year, so any creatures that want to settle down here will be quite safe to do so.


  1. That looks like one happy frog to me, we have green frogs here with pink tummies, you can hear them but they are more visible when it has been raining and they sometimes sit on the glass of my patio window, amazing how they don't slide off.
    I have some tidying up to do myself, some plants that need transplanting from pots to the garden, so I guess I will be disturbing some little creatures also.
    Your plants look healthy, the sedum has such pretty pink flowers and I love geraniums, the scent of both foliage and flowers.
    That is a very pretty stem on the jasmine, nice stripes, I wonder why it has never flowered? I could see Benji's white hair when I enlarged the photo.
    xoxoxo ♥

  2. Lol Dianne, yes he looks quite content. I think I would get a real fright if I saw a frog on my patio window! Benji's hair catches on the stems as he brushes past - mine is on the Buddleia flowers which are higher up. :)