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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Benji's Invalid Ramp

Benji's 13 years old now, the youngest of our three dogs and the least able to get around. He was having trouble managing to get up and down the steps in the garden, so I made him a ramp. There was a drop of about 3 feet at the side of the steps which I built up with soil taken from one of the compost bins. I planted self-heal, yarrow, clover and birds-foot-trefoil in it and then put down grass seed.

Here he is enjoying todays sunshine, lying on the cool grass on his ramp..... which has totally surprised me by growing so well! It took him a while to use it. In fact our other two dogs, Bob and Charlie, used it first. Eventually, Benji realised that it was much easier to saunter down the little grassy bank than tumble down the stone steps.

I've been doing a few jobs in the garden so that it will be easier for the old boys to get around..... like removing shrubs and flower borders from the centre of the garden and planting it up with grass, and disposing of gravel so that they wont lose their footing or get bits stuck in between the pads of their paws. I'm aiming to make the garden as O.A.D.-friendly (old age dog) as I can and anyway, grass is good for wildlife too..... even though I'm rubbish at maintaining lawns!


  1. Benji looks lovely Lesley. I bet he's pleased to know that he's got a good mum looking after him!
    He looks like he's got a bit of llewellin setter in him to!

  2. That is such a thoughtful thing to do for the three of your dogs Lesley and soft grass is so lovely to sit or lay down on. xoxoxo ♡

  3. I bet you put it in because YOU were having trouble with the steps and thought it was a good idea for Benji also.
    As for maintaining the lawn............get a goat!!

  4. Hi Gf. We're not sure exactly what Benji is (lol) except that he has spaniel in him. Although you could be right about the setter. We got him from our next-door-neighbours who, at the time, were out working all day. The wifey didn't want him in the house, so he was kept in a shed at the bottom of their garden. She gave her hubby an ultimatum that either Benji gets put to sleep or she goes. He asked us if we'd take him, which we were glad to. Personally, if I were him I'd have kept Benji and told her where to go. :O)

    He's a lovely dog and is no bother..... and he's very loving. :)

  5. Hello Dianne. I like to be able to work round things. We're thinking of putting a stair-lift in the house for them next. :O)

  6. Kinson, ya cheeky so-and-so!

    "As for maintaining the lawn............get a goat!!" Want the job? Hee-hee :O)

  7. Lol, hey the stair-lift is a great idea, some days I wish I had one myself. :-D xoxo ♡

  8. Excuse me! what's this Kinson malarkey?
    It's Mr. Kinson to you !!!
    The goat thing also..........what's the matter? not like the beard?
    Mr. Kinson