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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Durham Botanic Gardens

Living in beautiful County Durham we're very lucky to have an excellent botanic garden nearby. It's about a half-hour drive from our home, so on Saturday off we went.

Cherry blossom rain
Showering me in swathes of pink
I feel like a bride

(me ~ May, 2010)

In the scree garden there's a beautiful clump of gentian. The colour is amazing! There is a distinct lack of blue flowers in our garden. I need to sow some gentian seeds.

I zoomed my camera in on this little fella sitting on a bough about twelve feet or so above us. He was giving it rock all, singing his little heart out in accompaniment to another robin on a nearby tree. He's obviously used to people, as passers-by didn't distract him at all. By the look on his face I wonder what he's thinking, as me, hubby and daughter gaze up at him. :)

This is a new development since our last visit and I can see it's going to be one of my favourite parts of the garden...... a beautiful woodland walk by the stream, a place where you can wander peacefully away from the busier more crowded areas. We did meet this family though..... Mr and Mrs Duck, possibly searching for their offspring.

...... could this be her? Mary the duckling, basking in the afternoon sunshine. See if you can spot her when you visit the Botanics at Durham. :)


  1. Hadn't realised the gentians are in flower Lesley - must go over and take a look...

  2. What beautiful photographs, Lesley and I love the haiku ~ particularly pertinent to me, as me and Spider are tying the knot on Saturday!! Owen's blog is up and running..well,jogging! AnimateArt. Hope life is treating you and yours well!
    Claire and Amy

  3. I hope you all have a wonderful day on Saturday Claire! I see what you mean about the haiku being pertinent to you..... in which case, it's dedicated to you. :D

    I went to WordPress to leave a message there for you but I need to register first. I'd like to have a look at Owen's blog too.

    It was a lovely surprise to log on this morning Claire, and see your message. When I went over to WordPress and read your Moon poems, I realise what I'm missing!

    All the best to everyone in the tribe. :D

  4. Sounds like a great place to visit. I particularly love the bird photos - both of them!

  5. Hi Ethelmae :) Lol, these little chicks are placed round the garden in all sorts of places and they each have a name. It's an activity for the children to see how many they can find...... and I reckon the adults enjoy it too. :O)

  6. Nice pic of the Gentian Lesley, I read somewhere of the petal patterns being the equivalent of runway landing lights for insects.

  7. Yes I've read that too Linda. The markings guide them to the pollen and nectar. Nature thinks of everything! :)

  8. What beautiful pictures! It looks like you and your family had a great day. Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog, I really appreciate you stopping by. I will continue to read your blog, take care.

  9. Thank you Greg, you're very welcome. I enjoy visiting your blog. :D