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Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Aye pet, they're not babies for long........"

Click the photo to enlarge and see the chick

One of the first things I do in the morning is pop into the greenhouse to make sure everything's alright. This robin chick had moved to the top of the nest, the spot where mummy robin perched in the evenings. I took a quick photo and left. Before I went out yesterday, I checked the greenhouse again and there on the ground was the chick, looking up at me with its bright little eyes and taking a few tentative hops backwards. After a gasp of delight I backed out of the greenhouse, leaving only the smallest of gaps in the door so that no cats or larger birds could get in.

I couldn't wait to get home later to get another glimpse of the chick and mabye peep into the nest again to see how many were left. I did see the chick but when I looked into the nest there were no babies there at all! I'd assumed this was the
first chick to leave the nest when, in fact, it's the last. Both parents are still frantically busy taking food into the greenhouse so the chicks must be sheltering in various 'hidey-holes', which is a relief as they should be safe in there till they're ready to fly properly in the big world outside. No more dashing in and out of the greenhouse for me and the dogs are barred out for now.

It doesn't seem like two minutes since I noticed the presence of the new family and now they've left the nest, soon to be fending for themselves. I'm going to leave the nest in place though, perched on top of the seed trays....... just in case they have a second brood. :)

Mummy Robin

Click the photo to enlarge and see mummy robin..... she is there, honest. :)


  1. Hi Lesley,
    I saw your posting yesterday but got sidetracked. Sorry about that.
    I can see mum in the last photo, she's on the watering can handle.
    Good idea leaving the nest as Robins can sometimes have 3 broods.
    I'm chuckling at the thought of the dogs being barred from the greenhouse as our cats are barred from the garden for the next few weeks. In our case there are House Sparrow and Starling chicks about, but try telling the cats!!! They are not amused. Its great seeing the young, all fluffy with their gaping beaks.

  2. It's alright John, I do that all the time. :O)

    It must be difficult keeping cats confined to the house! Our Charlie's puzzled at not being allowed in the greenhouse. He stands for ages gazing at the door and probably wondering why it's closed. He's used to wandering in and out all the time. I had a closer look at the nest now that all the babies have left it, and it's lined with Charlie's hair. :D Charlie is a Standard poodle crossed with an Afghan hound.... his hair is creamy-coloured and very soft.... makes the perfect duvet for chicks. :)

  3. Congratulations on the success of your Robins. Ive got three nest boxes up in our garden and only one is taken up by just ordinary House Sparrows

  4. It took a few seconds, but I finally found Mrs. Robin!

    Your birds fared better than mine. I'm afraid the dead bird in our driveway may be the mother, because the birdhouse has not been visited in some time. I peek in every few days to see if anything has hatched, but, alas, I'm afraid those eggs are forever eggs.

  5. Hi David. I heard that House Sparrows are on the decline so it's good that their using your nest box. :)

    Hi Ethelmae. That's a shame, however it could have been worse if the nest was full of chicks when mum was killed. :(