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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Match made in Heaven

When Emily, our female cockatiel died, poor Edmund (her partner) was inconsolable. We wanted to see how he would settle on his own, as we hadn't planned on getting any more pets, but as the week went on he became more distraught. It was heartbreaking (and ear-shattering!) listening to his anxious shouting from morning till night. He even looked depressed... or at least what I imagine a depressed bird to look like. Afraid that he couldn't go on for much longer in his vulnerable emotional state, we made up our minds that Edmund needed a new wife...... and soon!

Edmund (right) ~ Crystal (left)

...... and here is the happy couple. Edmund's new wife is called Crystal. She's gorgeous with large bright eyes and rich orange cheeks, she's healthy and robust, cheeky and curious.

Advertisements in local papers and internet searches yielded no results so, in a panic, I went running to a friend of ours who acquires abandoned and poorly animals. She's well-known to the RSPCA who frequently ask her to foster animals. I should have gone to Hilda first.... she had not only one cockatiel, but three! Good old Hilda! After selecting the one she thought would most suit Edmund, we got to bring Crystal home and...... it was love at first sight. As soon as Edmund sensed the presence of a female, his depression disappeared and a renewed interest in life came to the fore..... and when he saw her he thought he'd died and gone to Heaven! I have to admit that some hanky panky took place that very first day.

Crystal, sporting a sassy Jedward hairsyle

John and Edward aka Jedward

Eleanor's advice, from Cockatiel Cottage, was that if we got another bird to put it in quarantine for a month. My apologies to Eleanor for not following this instruction but we were unsure if Edmund would physically last that long and Hilda assured us that Crystal was healthy, so we had to take a chance on it. Thankfully, Edmund and Crystal appear to be happy together and peace in the household has been restored.


  1. That is such a heart warming story, a happy ending or a new beginning really.
    I'm so pleased that Edmund has Crystal to love and keep him company. xoxoxo ♥

  2. Thanks Dianne, they make a lovely couple. :)

  3. What a lovely tale, best wishes to the happy couple, Linda

  4. What a lovely turn in this story Lesley!
    I bet its a happy sounding house now?

  5. Thank you Linda..... we might have to get them a nesting box shortly! (your comment didn't appear for ages and I thought I had done something wrong lol)

    Hi gf :D Yep, lots of happy little chiripping sounds and loving preening going on! :O)

  6. Hi Lesley
    I have been away for a week in Norfolk. Absolutely fantastic place but no "netty" internet, so have been catching up since i got back. By far the best thing i have read was this posting about Edmund. I'm so, so pleased. Mind the new girlfriends hairstyle had mine standing on end. Brilliant, sounds like they will be very happy together. A big up to Hilda also for her work with all the animals she sadly receives.
    Hats off to the happy couple.

  7. Hi John. I bet you had a wonderful time in Norfolk! It sounds a fabulous place for wildlife and it does us good to get away from the netty for a while.

    Hilda's great. She absolutely adores animals and nothing is too much for her. :)