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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Horticultural rarities

Lucky for me my husband is acquainted with someone in the plant breeding business. This person works for a large firm of garden bulb suppliers and it's his job, along with his colleagues, to develop new and novel Spring bulbs. Hubby managed to get some bulbs for me, three in all. They're still being trialed and, therefore, not on sale to the public yet so hubby had to pay a fair bit for them, though not as much as he would have had to if it wasn't for his friend. I was given these bulbs last Autumn on my birthday and have been tending them with all the loving care I could muster. I'm thrilled to bits with the results. They're very beautiful, as you can see.

Narcissus spiral nebula pink bobby dazzler

This is absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the blue frill round the corona (the trumpet-shaped cup in the middle of the flower). Although I've got this planted in the garden, it's well protected with a home-made wire cage; I'd be in floods of tears if the dogs were to tread on it, especially Benji Big Foot! Hubby paid £75 for this bulb so I wasn't taking any chances of inciting his wrath.

Galanthus cosmic constellation pink perfection

This is my favourite. I've always loved the delicacy of snowdrops and the introduction of pink seems to set it off for me. It's a truly feminine flower, but I'm sure it will be a hit with all the gentlemen too. As you can see from the photograph, it really stands out amongst its white relations and you can imagine how it would look in a snow-covered landscape. Hubby paid £50 for this bulb and a real bargain too!

Crocus megacosm galactic cluster pink starburst

What a cracker! Because of its frailty this one is safely tucked away in the greenhouse, unheated of course as I don't want the petals to fall like a dud firework after waiting so long to see the bloom. I can imagine that when the trials are over, this crocus will become really popular and will well and truly live up to its name as it graces lawns in pink starbursts of megacosmic glory! Another snatch at £50 for the bulb. I wonder what they will cost when they go on the market.

So I'm a happy little Easter bunny just now and I just had to share these horticultural treasures with you........ but don't spread it around in case hubby gets into serious trouble and his friend would no doubt lose his job.

Benji Big Foot


  1. I'm sorry but i did not find this funny at all. I had so set my heart on the PINK BOBBY DAZZLER. I'm inconsolable..........i am going to put this in the hands of my solicitors. You will be hearing from them soon.
    Yours Disgustingly
    Miss April Fowlds

  2. Tee hee, your name sounds familiar Miss Fowlds. :D

  3. Gotta to admit that I love my snowdrops to Lesley!
    Although I don't think that they are available in black just yet!

  4. Black snowdrops would make a great impact, Gf! :)

  5. Hello David. :) I had great fun thinking up the names for them.... and enjoyed editing the photographs as well. :O)