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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spot The Difference

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The top photograph was taken before I started work on Billy and Martin's garden. The one beneath it was taken a few days ago. I'm so pleased with how it's turning out and so are they. Billy can even walk down the garden and use the back gate to get to the local shops. It's quicker and easier for him and, at the age of 84 and having suffered two strokes, I think he's marvellous for doing all their shopping!

Their plot is turning into a proper market garden; their crops include potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, chives and parsley as well as many flowers that will bloom next season. We're waiting for an order of bulbs to arrive so they will have some colour from as early as next January, beginning with snowdrops followed by daffodils and crocus, the Spring finale supplied by tulips. Of course, that wont really be the finale because then there will be all the Summer flowers to look forward to.

In my garden, we've been delighted with a cute visitor over the past couple of weeks..... a juvenile robin. That's one in the top photograph. This isn't 'our' baby; I've been too enthralled watching it to go looking for my camera! (This photo is from google as is the photo of the adult robin).

Although the baby doesn't have a red breast you can tell it's a robin by its shape (round and plump) and by its movement. Robins are quick and dart about, not staying in one place for long. On the first day that I spotted Baby Bobbin (our nickname for it. Cute, eh?) he was chased away by an adult robin..... probably one of its own parents. A couple of days later it chased the adult off! Robins are territorial and can be extremely fierce so it looks like there are going to be some family feuds as Winter approaches. What really amazed me was that, within days, his breast began to turn red. Aye, they're not babies for long! :)

The Summer has been good to our tomatoes and we've actually had some going ripe. Yay! I'm usually left with green ones. Well, we did have some ripe ones until they began to disappear...... the Tumbling Toms, cherry tomatoes, that we have growing in a half-barrell. As I was hanging the washing out I heard crunching behind me and there was Benji, one of our three dogs, helping himself!


  1. Wow, Lesley-You have certainly done a mighty job here. What a lot of work, but it must feel great to know what you have accomplished and how much you've helped those two gentlemen. Kudos to you! Your Robins do somewhat resemble ours, but yours look more like our bluebirds. I didn't plant any tomatoes this year and I sure miss them!

  2. Hi Deedee. Thank you. :) What's lovely too is having uncovered the plants and shrubs that were draped beneath all the bindweed and seeing them begin to thrive again.

    I've seen photographs of your robins and they're much more slimline than ours. I'll have to google your bluebirds. :)

  3. And so we have a late push of sun Lesley! It won't last though! You've done so much work on Billy and Martins garden to. I know how physical it can be! The office crowd have no idea how much a day working in the sun drains you!! A bit of TV, some light reading and a slump in a chair is often about as much as I can do!!

  4. Hi Gf :) The last few days have been lovely! But I can feel Autumn in the air now and soon the frost will knock back the runner beans, etc. It'll be time to do a bit of clearing and prepare the ground for next Spring..... and put my fuchsias to bed.

    The advantage I have is that I can choose when to do a bit of physical work in the garden.... you have no choice as it's your occupation. I don't blame you for chilling out in the evenings.

  5. Wow, Lesley! What a great work you did in Billy's garden. I also admire you for reviving some bees and the tips for us. But most of all, I want to thank you for your generous offer of sending me Nemesia seeds. I am so touched by your generosity. No need to spend, my friend. I already found some seeds in the local store but I haven't planted them yet. Thank you also for dropping by several times in my post. I was down and out for a while. Now I am slowly getting back my life.

  6. Hi Ss, it's good to hear from you! :) Sorry to hear you've been feeling down lately, but you have good reason to be as you've had a big change in your circumstances.

    Glad to hear you managed to get some Nemesia seeds. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine, which have flowered even more since I posted the photograph of them. :D

  7. Every year, I promise myself I will be more attentive to my garden.
    Why do I lie to myself?

  8. Lol Debbie. I keep promising to be a better housewife...... if I didn't spend so much time in the garden! :D