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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another year ahead!

We've been in this house and been tending this garden for just over a year now.  At first I thought I would never settle, but at last I feel at home and love the garden every bit as much as our previous one.  Not that I've done much in it for the past month or so - I've been preoccupied with homeschooling the daughter and my own literature study.  However, I'm putting all my faith in the Winter fairies, knowing that the garden will bloom resplendent come the Spring.  Already there are the tips of daffodils and various other Spring flowers poking their way through the soil.  I love this time of the year, when it's still cold and bleak yet the first signs of growth and Springtime can be seen.

Speaking of fairies, the harsh weather can give the garden a battering so one of my projects for the coming months will be to make it prettier and more comfortable for my little helpers. The above picture and the one below, are examples I found by googling, of what I would like to do in my own garden.  Sweet, aren't they.

 I've pretty much got the design of the garden how we want it, but there is still some work to be done.  I'm going to plant a couple of rambling roses.  One will be rosa New Dawn (pictured below) and I've yet to decide on the other.  There are so many fabulous ramblers and climbing roses on offer.  My other tasks will be to make the garden even more wildlife friendly than it is now and I'd like to plant more fruit bushes.

The beginning of 2011 in our new garden was pretty grim, because of the flooding we had, but it all came together.  The highlight for me was being blessed with little Jack's company.  Hubby and I still think about him often and hope that he fared well over the Winter.

I'm so looking forward to the coming gardening season. 

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy New Year dear Lesley, it is so nice to see you. This is such a lovely post and the images and plans for your fairy garden are beautiful.
    I love climbing roses and New Dawn is spectacular, I also love the white flowering clematis grandiflora, I have attached a link for you to a garden which I love but a sad story as well. Good luck with your garden, I want to make a cottage garden with marigolds,calendulas,cosmos, dwarf zinnias, violas, pansies and many other pretty flowers. The bees, butterflies and birds will love it and I might attract a few faeries as well. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Hi Lesley...Lovely to hear from you again. I have the rose New Dawn in my garden and it is one of my favourites. I loved the photos of the little fairy gardens. Gardens should be magical places and it sounds like yours is going to be just that. Good luck with it and with the home schooling of your daughter. I have been helping my grandson who is 14 with his school work as he has some exam modules this month but it is a struggle as he always seems so tired. No wonder you haven't had time for blogging. Best Wishes to you and your family 2012:)

  3. Hello Dianne and a Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for the link - I'll enjoy looking at that. The flowers you've chosen for your cottage garden will indeed attract lots of wildlife..... and magical creatures. :D

  4. Oh Helen.... going by your photo, I'd never have guessed you had a 14 year old grandson! Wishing him well for his exams.

  5. Happy New Year! Your garden plans sound lovely. I can't wait to start on my garden, too.