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Sunday, December 26, 2010

If the Christmas tables were turned.....

 You go!

Christmas has got me thinking of all those turkeys, geese, chickens and ducks that have ended up on our dinner plates (not guilty!). I'm having fun thinking of how animals could wreak their revenge on humankind.  Heh, heh.

Disclaimer: I apologise for the images portraying humankind as male - if I come across any with female images, I will include them. :D


Tit for Tat ~ get those slimey peeps!

This Zebra is Crossing



Stuffing the Christmas Peeps



  1. Very funny pictures and I know how you feel. I am getting my own back today by feeding huge amounts to masses of pheasants in my garden as there is a shoot going on over the other side of the valley. Hopefully the shooters are wondering where all the pheasants have gone:))

  2. I'm going to have to watch out in future in case you tell me to get stuffed. Heaven knows what you might have in mind !!!!!!!

  3. Good on you Helen! I hope the pheasants spread the word that there is a free-for-all in your garden. :O)

  4. Lol John, it's good that one, isn't it. :O) There were some ruder piccys though but common decency prevailed and I gave them a miss. :D

  5. Say well done to Helen from me please Lesley. Tell her to take those poor Pheasants in. In fact tell her to build them a nice coop or something and keep them safe.

  6. I'll pass your message on to her John. :)

  7. Thanks Johnny for your message and thanks for passing it on to me Lesley:)

  8. Genius! I particularly loved the cat and "Stuffing the Christmas Peeps."
    When we initially looked at our building lot, there was a deer stand in one of our oak trees. After we bought it, we drove right over, took a chain saw, and cut that thing into smitherines. Nobody was going to kill innocent deer on my little patch of earth!