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Monday, March 8, 2010

*Baby Harry Update*

Harry's luxury apartment

John from 'Sedgedunum Warbler' (visit his blog here) was enquiring after Harry's health so I thought this was a good time to do an update. The little chap is thriving. You can see his temporary home in the photo above, on the shelf in my computer room (aka spare room) amongst all the little knick-knacks that don't belong anywhere else.

Harry has a shallow layer of compost in his jar that he can burrow in if he wants. In the wild, snails need to burrow for various reasons, e.g. to lay their eggs, to avoid predators and to keep out of the heat, etc. I've been renewing the compost regularly and also gently spraying the sides of the jar with lukewarm water to keep Harry's home slightly humid and comfortable for him.

I have to make sure that the pieces of food that I put in for him are cut thinly so as not to crush him! He has a slice of cucumber just now which I'll replace today with some apple. The most important thing Harry will need while he's lodging with us is cuttlefish. He needs this for the calcium it will provide to help his shell grow big and strong, and for his general health. In the wild, snails get calcium and other minerals from the soil.

The man himself, fast asleep

Here's Harry fast asleep on the side of his jar...... and when I glanced round, he'd woke up. The little black squiggle near his tail is snail poop, perhaps the reason for his arousal from sleep! :O)

Good morning Harry

"Where's me grub?"

...... and here he is speeding towards the cucumber. This will provide him with both food and water.

Baby Harry will stay with us until he's a toddler and much bigger than he is now. By that time the early morning frosts should have gone and he can be introduced to the great outdoors. I will need to find a safe place to put him where he wont be trampled on or spotted by a Thrush..... but that's a while off yet and, meanwhile, it's lovely to have another gastropod guest. It brings back fond memories of
He's still breakfasting on the cucumber...... that's ma boy! :D


  1. Although I find it surprising that I am beginning to care about the over-all well being of a snail, I must say it is a delight to see Harry is thriving!

  2. Lol Ian! :O)

    He's fast asleep again after eating his breakfast and an hour's stroll round his jar. :)

  3. How is Harry today? And how is Lesley? WE have missed you..:)


  4. Hi Claire :) Harry was last spotted this morning, gliding across the inside of his jar, at about 7 a.m. I think he must be hiding in his compost just now.

    I haven't gone away..... just trying to juggle Open University, cycling, running and catching up on everyone's posts the best I can. :O) Will be over at yours soon..... promise. :)

  5. Hi Lesley,
    Having read your posting re. Henry i can understand why the little fella is getting first class treatment. I felt quite claustrophobic behind that wall myself as i read it. No pics of Sally the spider as i think "she" must have climbed out the window that i had left open for "her". I named "her" Sally thinking of a great posting headline..........When Harry met Sally. (OUCH) Our house is a dangerous place for spiders as we have 6 British Shorthair cats, so if i see one i dive to rescue it in case a cat spots it.
    Mind you, i do object to being called a nutter by a strange lady who calls a snail "my boy".
    johnny(nutter)kinson signing off

  6. Tee-hee, I can call you what I like... I'm a good runner! :O)

    I had to google British Shorthair cats. I didn't realise that it was a specific breed.

  7. Awww, lovely little Harry!
    You know, the first picture reminds me so much of the opening titles from 'Bagpuss'!!
    Me showing my age!

    Are you convinced that they don't all come alive when you've gone to sleep Lesley?!

  8. Lol Gf! I'm from Bill & Ben & The Flowerpot Men era! :O)

    They could well do..... I'll have to keep a closer eye on them, especially that naughty pirate who HAS been known to disappear now and again! :D

  9. Watch With Mother........Bill and Ben with Weed AND my favourite, Slowcoach. The Woodentops featuring the star of the show........the spottiest Spotty Dog you ever did see. Andy Pandy, Looby Lou and the amazing Teddy. Rag, Tag and Bobtail. I was going to say they don't make them like that any more but i've developed a bit of a soft spot for Iggle Piggle, Macca Pacca, The Tomblieboos and other characters in The Night Garden...........not too struck on Upsey Daisy, i think shes a bit too "easy", goes round kissing everyone.

  10. Your little snail is adorable, Lesley! I just love them and he is especially cute, I must say. Thank you for taking good care of the little beastie.
    That crocheted piglet with the flower necklace on your shelf is just precious!

  11. Lol Johnny, I'm not too familiar with The Night Garden.... probably because I have no grandchildren to sit and watch it with. The most recent kiddies programmes I watched (with our 12 year old daughter when she was a baby) was The Teletubbies and The Tweenies. Though my big brother and I used to race home from school when we were in our teens to watch The Magic Roundabout. :D I have to admit though to sneakily watching some Fifi and the Flowertots and Lazy Town.... but then, they're all about flowers and athletics! :O)

  12. Hi Deedee :D Harry's just great! It's going to be tough when I have to send him out into the big wide world. :)

    I got the little piggie at a Christmas sale. The woman, whose stall it was on, was there with her little daughter who was undergoing chemotherapy and the poor little mite only had a thin covering of hair. I bought a few things but the cute little piggie is my favourite. :)