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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blooms and Beasties Crafts

As far as the garden goes it's in a transitional stage. In the propagator there are pots of seeds just about to spring to life (the seeds, not the pots!). There are no jobs needing done at the moment..... I prune the roses at the end of February, all tidying up will wait until the warmer weather and the only digging I ever do is when I'm planting something big. I'm a member of the 'no-dig brigade'. I prefer to let all the underground beasties do the work, such as breaking up the soil and aerating it. So I'm posting some garden-related crafts that I thought would be fun to make.

Loveworm Bookmark

Here's the ideal gift to make for someone you love this Valentine's Day..... and make one for yourself too! Click here for instructions.

Fuchsia Earrings

I'm definitely going to have a go at making these. Fuchsias are one of my favourite flowers. This could also be adapted into a pendant or a bookmark, using one of those silver/silver plated hooks. Go here for instructions.

Daisy Friendship Bracelet

This is sweet and very simple to make. Click here for instructions.

Rock Talisman Necklace

I like this because it's a nice way of keeping a special stone or pebble close to you. Here's the instructions.

..... and just to end with.....this made me smile


I took this from the bedroom window a few days ago. These are our 'resident' collared doves. I'm thinking the one on the lower branch should get himself a hat! :O)


  1. Thanks. I am always looking for new arts and crafts project ideas to do with children. These are delightful. I am also an avid gardener and enoy your photos.

  2. Thank you Tamara. :) I enjoyed looking at your blog also. Your artwork is beautiful.

  3. Hey there, Lesley. Being a really lazy blogger [as the length of time sense I last posted would indicate] I haven't checked in recently, but tonight did so and found your comment on my blog. I hope all has been well. As serendipity works, I happened to think of you just the other day and wondered how you have been. I hadn't seen your comments at the Duchess site of late. I love the picture of the collared doves, above. We had doves come to our apple orchard when I was a child and stayed most of the warm season, making a nest and even hatching little baby doves [what are they called when they're babies?] until the barn cat turned that pretty little orchard into a feathery crime scene. I hated cats for years because of that and now I have one. Go figure. In any event, I'm glad to see you're as alive, well and in love with your gardening as ever. Take care!

  4. I agree with Tamara, Lesley, these craft ideas are lovely. I will definitely get Amy and Ellie to have a look. I love fuchsias, too, and they lend themselves perfectly to earrings etc :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Thanks Claire. I had the girls in mind when I posted them. I need to get new beads to make the fuchsias as I've been selling all my left-overs on eBay. :O)

  6. Hi Paul. :) I've become lazy... full stop! I'm putting it down to the cold Winter we're having... and, of course, my age! lol I'm hoping I'll get myself back into gear when Spring arrives.

    No, I haven't visited the Duchess for a while and will have to get myself back over soon. :)

    I suppose the baby doves could be called dovelets? :D 'Our' doves don't nest in our garden, but stay here most of the day to feed and sleep. We used to have cats years ago and I used to cry every time they brought a little feathery or furry bundle as a present. I do love cats though and think they are one of the most beautiful animals on earth but as I feed the wild birds, there wouldn't be much point in us having one..... I'd only end up crying all the time again! :O)

    Nice to see you again Paul.

  7. I love the rock talisman and the photo of the doves! How lucky to get both of them in the same picture! Ours shy away so quickly I have never been able to get a picture, even through the window.

  8. Hi Ethel. :) The doves are there all day every day. Mostly they're roosting up in the branches and come down when I put the seed out for them. They must be really chilled out because they don't budge even when I walk past under 'their' tree. :)