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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas greetings from ye merrye olde England

Christmas Greetings!

Happy Christmas to all you bloggers and thank you so much for the messages you sent while I've been a.w.o.l. I have no excuses for my absence except......

while being unnaturally busy,
got myself in a tizzy!
..... and then of course, my computer finally gave up the ghost after seven years of slooooooooow, but faithful service. Not to worry, I can use the daughter's..... and so I did..... for a few days, until hers decided to join mine in the spiritual world for decrepit computers! However, I'm now sitting here in front of a lovely brand new desktop and it's fantastic. Peace and contentment once more reigns in our little household!
All your messages gave me a lovely warm buzz....... and someone even wrote a special limerick for me. Mr Bennet, I hope you wont mind me reproducing it here. ;)

I once knew a lass name of Lesley
who blogged about blooms and wee beasties
we had become email chums
she has lovely green thumbs
she's missing north-south-east and westy!
That made me grin from ear to ear and I made a promise to write a blog post by the weekend...... it was at that point my old computer decided "no more." But here I am and I hope you're all having a lovely time this Christmas Eve, however you are spending it.

At the moment, the whole of the UK..... and our little garden is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Here are some photographs I took this morning from behind the patio window in the warmth of the sitting-room.

The birds are perched on the huge poplar trees, watching and waiting for me to put out more food for them

Using the zoom lens, here they are a bit closer

Who's watching who? Robin, posing on a snow covered table on the patio

Mr Jackdaw on the same table

"Ever felt like you're being watched?" he says, moving further away to the top of the arch

* Happy Christmas everyone, enjoy yourself and take care *


  1. Lesley is back! Now that's what I call a Christmas miracle!

    Great to see you friend. Merry Christmas!

  2. Awww bless you Ian! I hope you're enjoying a lovely Christmas Eve right now. Many of you over the pond will still be tucked up in bed waiting for Santa, while we in the UK are getting ready for our Christmas lunch. :)

  3. Indeed it is lovely to have you back Lesley! And more snow expected up your way before New Years to! Make sure that you get plenty of milk and bread in!

  4. Hi Gf :D Milk and bread? Normally I would have said wine, but I'm making a determined effort to cut down on the stuff! lol

    It's a bitter cold night as I write this..... heavy hailstones, wind and sleet... brrrrr!

    I might allow myself a little wine..... since it'll be Hogmanay. :)